Foster A Dog!


Fosters provide a temporary home for pets while they’re awaiting their forever home! There are many benefits to opening your home to a foster dog, but here are some of our pups, who want to name a few:

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Key Responsibilities

Provide a safe, clean, and caring environment.

Provide food, water, litter, toys/enrichment, and shelter.

Provide exercise and socialization if appropriate.

Monitor for physical and mental wellbeing.

Transport to/from any necessary vet appointments.

Transport to/from offsite adoption events


Q. What is a foster home?

A. A foster home is a temporary living situation for pets in our program while they are awaiting their forever home. Foster families provide shelter, food, care, and love. The number of animals we can save depends entirely on the number of people who open their homes and hearts to foster them.

Q. How long do I keep the foster?

A. We ask that you keep your foster dog until adoption, but we require a minimum two-week commitment. We are unable to predict how long it will take for your foster dog to be adopted as it is case specific.

Q. How old do i have to be to foster?

A. Our fosters need to be at least 21 years old.

Q. What does the street dog project provide to it’s fosters?

A. Certain supplies like crates, collars, and leashes (as available)
Resources: behavioral, medical, and general assistance with caring for your foster dog
Dog sitters for when you go out of town
All medical care for the dog as deemed appropriate by our Medical Team
Help with marketing the dog for adoption

Q. Are there dog-friendly, kid-friendly dogs needing foster homes?

A. Yes, but since many of our foster dogs do come directly from the streets and other shelters, we cannot always guarantee the temperament or health of any animals. We do our best to provide our fosters with as much information as possible before they bring the dog into their homes, and then work with our fosters to learn more about the dog as they are in foster.


Foster Application:

Name *
Phone *
Please indicate what type of fostering you are looking to get involved with. Select all that apply. *
What is the ideal personality of the dog that you would be interested in? Check all that apply. *
How long would you be able to foster a dog? *
Have you ever fostered before? *
Do you need to borrow a crate? *
Are there other children who regularly visit your residence?
In what type of home do you live *
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What type of fence? *
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If you do not currently have pets, please skip to the next section.
Are all your pets current with appropriate vaccinations?
Are all your pets current on heartworm/flea/tick prevention?
Family Veterinarian and Personal References:
Family Veterinarian and Personal References: By completing this section, I am authorizing The Street Dog Project or any of their partner rescues to inquire about the health status of my current animals as well as any deceased/no-longer-owned animals on their records under my/our name. I am authorizing release of shot records, heartworm preventative purchase(s) and whether or not the animal visited a clinic in the last 12 months. *NOTE: It is possible that an applicant has not had pets and therefore does not have a veterinarian.
Please list the Clinic name, location, and phone number
Please Read The Following Carefully:
1. Foster Parent agrees to provide the foster dog with dog food, indoor shelter, and kind and loving care until the foster dog is adopted or placed with another foster home. Foster Parent will notify TSDP immediately if the foster dog(s) escapes or becomes ill. 2. Foster Parent understands that TSDP may not have prior knowledge of the dog’s temperament, and will take due care to protect anyone who may come into contact with the foster dog from harm. 3. Foster Parent will not seek to hold TSDP responsible for damage to property or injury to persons or other pets while foster dog is in the care of the Foster Parent. Foster Parent releases TSDP, its officers, directors and volunteers from any claims, liabilities, or expenses for any damages incurred while fostering. 4. TSDP will be financially responsible for any veterinary care it deems necessary for the fostered dog(s) at a veterinarian of TSDP’s choice, if prior approval has been received from TSDP, and if Foster Parent’s neglect or misconduct did not cause the needed care. Medical decisions and expenses must be approved by TSDP and provided by designated veterinarians. After hours emergencies may be taken to the emergency vet without approval, only if the Foster Parent is unable to locate a member of TSDP. If taken to a clinic without prior approval, except in an emergency, medical expenses may not be compensated for the foster dog. Reimbursement of vet expenses will require copies of bills. 5. Foster Parent agrees to NOT administer any medication, vaccinations, or supplements without prior approval from TSDP. Foster Parent agrees to NOT discontinue or alter prescribed medication dosage/schedule without prior approval from TSDP. 6. When travel plans arise, Foster Parent agrees to give TSDP as much notice as possible so we can find a temporary foster home and avoid incurring boarding costs. 7. TSDP will not typically be responsible for medical or other expenses incurred by the Foster Parent’s own pet(s) while fostering for TSDP. 8. Foster Parent agrees to bring the dog(s) to adoption events as often as possible. Adoption events can occur as often as weekly. Foster Parent agrees to pick the foster dog(s) up after the event unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Foster Parent understands that bringing the foster dog to events increases the chances for adoption. 9. Foster Parent agrees that any dog(s) fostered by him/her remains the property of TSDP, and that Foster Parent will not relocate the dog from the primary residence of the Foster Parent or dispose of him/her in any manner without prior written notice and approval of TSDP. The foster dog may not be given away to another person, shelter, or rescue organization or passed on to friends/family members, without prior approval from an approved TSDP Representative. 10. Foster Parent will return the foster dog(s) to a TSDP representative immediately upon request for any reason deemed necessary by TSDP. 11. If Foster Parent desires to adopt the foster dog(s), and TSDP agrees that adoption is appropriate, TSDP will provide an Adoption Contract to Foster Parent. Foster Parent agrees to sign and return said contract within 7 days of receiving and will be responsible for the adoption fee unless waived by an authorized member of TSDP. 12. If unable to continue fostering, TSDP must be given advance notice to make appropriate arrangements if at all possible. 13. Due to the inherent escape risks, foster dogs may NOT have unsupervised access outside. Although these dogs are used to being outside, we will not approve any of our street dogs to stay outside day or night. 14. TSDP has permission to make home inspections, and if the situation warrants, the dog(s) may be removed immediately. 15. Foster Parent agrees to keep the dog leashed while in the back yard, either on a long tether or accompanying the dog on a shorter leash into the yard, for one week or until the dog is comfortable in the back yard. Foster Parent also agrees and understands the high probability that their rescue can and will escape either due to fear or insecurities, and agrees to double leash their dogs when taken from their premises with one martingale collar and six-foot lead and one slip lead. 16. If available and supplied, the Foster Parent agrees to keep a GPS collar on the dog at all times for their protection in case of an accident and the dog were to escape, TSDP would be given the ability to track them. All GPS collars will be purchased by TSDP and will be the property of TSDP. BY AGREEING BELOW, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ THIS APPLICATION, ANSWERED ALL QUESTIONS TRUTHFULLY, AND HAVE A FULL UNDERSTANDING OF THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF FOSTERING A PET. I make this statement under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Texas.