Empowering communities to reduce the homeless pet population through rescue, education and outreach.


About Us

Dauntless Rescue Inc is a non-profit 501(c)3, DBA The Street Dog Project that focuses primarily on rescuing dogs directly from the streets of Dallas, TX.

The Street Dog Project is comprised of a small group of volunteers who are passionate about saving street dogs. The project began when vulnerable, homeless pets in the Dallas area, truly needed us the most. Our goal is to reduce the street dog population through rescue, placement and outreach.

Since 2016 we’ve rescued hundreds of dogs from the streets and found them loving homes. We rely on our team members, neighborhood communities and our social media community for support to help us continue to bring awareness to the stray, abused, neglected, and homeless dogs in the Dallas area.

Our rescues start with rescuing an elusive dog from the streets. Sometimes Samaritans notify us about dogs that need to be rescued, and sometimes we find these dogs on our own. In most cases, they are hurt, malnourished, scared, or in danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. These search and rescue mission can take days, weeks, or even months but our team never gives up on a mission or a dog.

Upon rescue, dogs are taken straight to the vet, so they can be scanned for a microchip and a vet can attend to any emergency medical needs.  Life on the streets is tough so a lot of the dogs we take in have medical needs that go beyond the norm.  Heart-worm, mange, leg and eye injuries are some of the most common medical conditions we encounter.

Dallas has thousands of street dogs and our goal is to save as many as possible.  We hope to raise awareness for the street dogs who just need a chance. 

Our Team:



Nicole Bush


Nicole is a co- founder of The Street Dog Project and is currently serving as Co-President of the group. She has been involved in rescue for 10 years but didn’t realize her heart for shy street dogs until 2010. Little did she know when she and Aaron adopted Lilly, a shy, scared Saint Bernard ,their lives would be forever changed. Always having an interest in the medical field Nicole was able to combine her passions when she took over the medical department for Duck Team 6. She served on the board of directors for Duck Team 6 as well and brings experience and compassion to TSDP. 

Nicole has found that working with shy dogs is one of the most rewarding experiences and is passionate that shy dogs be given an opportunity to blossom into loving members of a family. “Seeing a dog that has no reason to trust a human slowly begin to accept us, it just changes you”. Her love of street dogs has spread to family and friends too.  

Nicole lives with her husband Aaron and their rescue dogs, Lilly, Ellie, Shaggy and Scooby. When she is not doing rescue work she can be found mountain biking out on the trail, making her fellow board members very nervous.


norah and me.jpg

Rekka Melby

Co-President, Secretary

Rekka is a co-founder of The Street Dog Project and is currently serving as Co-President of the group. Her early volunteering was with a local shelter, walking/socializing dogs but in 2010, she went on her first street dog rescue and was hooked when a momma dog led the volunteers to her puppies, hidden under the floorboards of an abandoned house. 

Rekka became an active volunteer with Take Me Home Pet Rescue and her passion for saving street dogs reached a whole new level in 2011, when a dog named Norah entered her life. Someone circulated a plea for help with Norah's photo right before a rare ice storm struck Dallas. Rekka and JP learned that Norah had lived in a drainage ditch along the interstate for four years (that's how long folks said they'd been feeding her). They spent months trying to rescue the elusive Norah and were finally able to save her after finding her newborn puppies hidden in the bushes of a nearby church. After hearing how long Norah had been on the streets, a lot of folks theorized she would be feral but within a few weeks, she quickly became Rekka's shadow and heart dog.  We hope Norah's story of survival helps inspire more people to give shy and elusive street dogs a chance at a better life. There are few feelings better than being part of all the "firsts" when a shy dog starts coming around. 

In 2012, Rekka co-founded Duck Team 6, the first street dog rescue in Dallas. She served in roles of Vice President from 2012-2014 and President in 2015 and then left to co-found The Street Dog Project. She has helped with hundreds of captures over the years and enjoys sharing what she's learned with new volunteers and Good Samaritans so more people will be equipped to save the street dogs that cross their path. 



Sheli Steinert


Sheli is a co-founder of The Street Dog Project and is currently serving as Treasurer. Sheli was previously heavily involved with Duck Team 6, she set up and ran the outreach program which served hundreds of dogs and their families. 



Nicky Hanson

Vice President/Placement director

I wouldn’t even be here or so involved with rescue if it wasn’t for my first rescue, Forrest!  I have always had a love for animals but took a chance 8 years ago when we adopted our pitbull mix, the most mis-understood breed,  and he has literally changed my whole families world for the better.   To see the most amazing dog, in a shelter all alone and not have a family to call his own broke our hearts.  One of the best decisions we have ever made was to adopted him.  Since then, we have been their biggest advocates and wanted to do more!  What I found with The Street Dog Project is that they had the same vision, but for all dogs that have been dumped, abused and forgotten.....the mis-understood!  THIS was my passion and wanted to help in anyway possible!  Having 3 small children and 4 rescues, my plate was full but how could I not make time for the most forgiving and loving streets dogs in the DFW area!  Not only am I helping the so many voiceless dogs, fighting for their lives out on the streets, I also find great pleasure speaking with so many others that ALSO want to adopt these amazing dogs and give them a chance.  I have adopted two former TSDP dogs named Maggie and Autumn along with Jenny and Forrest. Every day is different when it comes to rescue but one always stays the same......former street dogs are forever grateful for giving them a chance and not being mis-understood!